Happy Books

There’s a season for everything, including what genre of books I enjoy reading. It seems that in the colder months, I love to pick up feel good prose and memoirs.

I’ve taken a small step back in time and have committed to reading the Anne of Green Gables series. My sister had all of the books in her collection when I was a wee one, and she would read sections to me from Anne, but I had never read them myself until I started them in 2011. It’s weird to think that I hadn’t picked up the books until then, because my sister and I would discuss Anne, like she was a very close friend of ours. We both wanted to go live with her on Prince Edward Island, and swoon over Gilbert Blythe.

I guess once my sister left for college, I let Anne slip away from me. Harry Potter was just starting out in America at that time, so I picked up those books and read them over and over again.

Better late than Never, though. Anne has filled my heart with sweet prose and happy endings over the past few years. It’s a nice break from a reality that hasn’t always shown kindness. I find myself being very glad that the books wrap up nicely. It’s a great change of pace from my usual conflict and sadness filled novels. Christmas is also a nice time for books that remind us that things can very well work out for us.

Anne is part of my heart. She and I are kindred spirits with our romantic and often over the top imaginations. I enjoyed making up stories from my surroundings where I grew up. I enjoyed going outside and I still am very happy when I can smell the freshness of the air in the morning.

Anne of Avonlea is the part of the series that I recently finished. Reading about her college years filled me with delight. I consider it a pretty feminist book, considering Anne not only went to college, but conquered it. She received honors and scholarships throughout her years. She also turned down many suitors during her time, stating she would only marry man she loved. I won’t spoil all the plot, but considering the time period of this story, I feel Anne is worthy of the feminist title.



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