All the Birds, Singing by Evie Wyld

For a synopsis of this book, see the description on Goodreads.

If I could give Evie Wyld an award, it would be for some of the most surprisingly beautiful prose written about a life that circles trauma. I loved reading her words. It was apparent that she chose her words carefully, to allow the reader invoke their own feelings with Jake Whyte. The words were so delicately blunt, ready to crack around the edges while drilling into the reader. The words made me feel that this book was both frustrating and catching. Wyld does not hold back the grit from this novel. She writes bluntly, and parts can be painful to read, but her artistry makes the reader want to keep going.

I have been very conflicted about my opinion of this book. I know that everything that was written was done purposely, to make sure the reader feels something profound by the end, but that’s just it. When I got to the end, I stopped believing in Whyte as a complex character. She fell short to the realities of how a person who has experienced PTSD causing events would react. She’s a largely internal character, picking through her mind (which I enjoyed immensely), but by the end, I only felt a two dimensional reflection, like the Whyte still had a long way left to go. I know Wyld wanted to make her an anomaly or life, but I couldn’t wrap my head around some of the randomness of Whyte once she reaches England.

Wyld leaves the reader with many questions by the end. Although marketed as a thriller, I don’t believe that genre was Wyld’s intent for writing the novel. The book reads more as a character development, but with the way it is written, the reader will only feel like they learned a small piece of the full story. Again, I believe this was intentional, so the reader could have their own connection with Whyte, and therefore,  fill in the gaps as they imagine Whyte would.

This book is worth reading, and I think if I had not been told it was a thriller, I would have been much more pleased with it. If anything, Wyld’s haunting prose will make you want to keep reading to the end.


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