It’s Fantastic Friday!


My inaugural positivity post will be small, but hopefully it will bring some happiness while reading.

This week, I am grateful for this little fact:

I finished 4 books in 4 days. Granted, the books were around 200 pages each, but I did it. Even in a week full of distractions, I pushed back with making sure that I had quality “me” time. If you’ve been around my blog, you’ll know that books are what I equate to air. I cannot live without them. They are my healthy obsession, since they help my mind untangle and focus, as well as give me a little adventure before I fall asleep.

Books are what keep me going during low points in life and are a great treat during the highs. When I was little, books taught me lessons on life and growing up through Ramona Quimby, Junie B. Jones, the Boxcar Children, and the Babysitter’s Club. My first introduction to Sci-fi was Animorphs, my first introduction to ghost stories was Goosebumps, and my first historical fiction series was the American Girls. I lived these lives in parallel to my own, as a way to find happiness and relatability to characters while I struggled to find a connection to people in the real world.

Most importantly, books have been my constant in life. While the worlds I read about differ vastly, I know that they are always there. As long as there are authors, I will always have a story to read, characters to feel with, and a perspective that is similar to my personality.

Cheers for books, they are worthy of the name Fantastic.


Until next time,




4 thoughts on “It’s Fantastic Friday!

  1. This is fantastic. I so appreciate your commitment to reading. My mom took me to the library regularly for years when I was a kid. 🙂

    And thanks for your presence on my blog. You are very welcome here. Blessings, Debbie


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