Friday Feels

A photo by David Marcu.

Hi all!

It’s Friday! Whether you’re just waking up, or you’ve been a work all day, I hope you’ll take the time to congratulate yourself on getting through to the weekend. Even when I was an hourly employee working 7 days a week, there was always something special to me about Saturday and Sunday. People are different. They usually are quite as stressed as during the week, and their interactions with others are more open and kind.

You’ve worked hard this week, I know. So take a second and pat yourself on the back, take a long, delightful sip of your beverage, and breathe in deeply. You made it. Soon, you’ll be free to make your weekend what you want it to be. It’s your time. Do what makes you happy.

This week has marked a big change for me. It has served as a reminder that in everything I do, I need to be sure that I keep being me. It sounds strange to have to be reminded of this. Essentially, are we all just being us every day? What I mean is that in everything thing that we do, we must remember that who we are matters. We bring our own uniqueness, and our own creativity to everything that we put our minds to, and it shouldn’t be any other way.

Being the same is boring. Imagine with me, a world of sameness. Everything would be stagnate. Nothing would be innovative, and no one would strive to make the world better. It would be boring.

So why do we compare ourselves to others? Why do we strive to be someone else? Because sometimes we forget ourselves. Sometimes we stray from what really matters, and we get bogged down by others around us. In these times, it’s important to let those influencers drop away and remember how far we’ve come by being nothing more than who we are. We were gifted with our own souls, and only we have the ability to decide how we choose to be.

Just be you. The rest will follow.


What will you be doing this weekend? Share your plans below!


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