Little Victory

photo-1414322058660-a4c56ab6c1e2As part of my inaugural post for Celebrate the Small things hosted by Lexa Cain, I want to end things on a great big happy note on this dazzling Friday.

I’m truly thankful for a few things this week:

1) I finished Modern Lovers, by Emma Straub. It took me a little while to get invested in this novel. I had a hard time relating fully to the characters, but I’m glad I finished the story

2) I was more mindful this week. There were a few moments where the stress of all the activities I have going on mounted. In those times, I took a little time out for myself. When I was at work, I took a little walk around my floor. At home I did stretches and read. When all else failed, my husband would embrace me and comfort me.

3) My puppies were so loving this week. Along with my husband, the little ones seemed to sense how stressed I was, and laid on either sides of me while I was in bed. It made me very happy to wake up with a little wet nose nudging my shoulder.

What are you celebrating this week?



20 thoughts on “Little Victory

  1. Sorry to hear you’re stressed, but it’s great that you’re being so proactive about it and finding things that help you unwind. I have to admit few things are as good stress relievers as pets. They’re little bundles of silliness and love!!

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    1. This is true! Maybe it’s how much the love to cuddle or their cute little faces, but puppies make stress feel a million miles away. Just last night, I started feeling a migraine come on, and my puppies instinctively knew to come lay by my side. I hope you’re having a great week!


    1. When I’m able to make them happy, I start feeling much less stressed. I’ve got a few more weeks of high stress, and then things will go back to normal! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


  2. We have a stray cat that has adopted us. Even though he has had his wild moments of biting and scratching, he will jump into our bed, climb on my chest, and nuzzle my nose with his. It feels like a great honor.


  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a stressful time lately, hugs from people we love always help. I’d love a puppy, I’ve got a cat and the sound of her purring always calms me down.

    Sharon xx

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