How to Improve Writing Through Reading


Whether you are a professional writer, an academic student, or simply a stay at home mother, there are ways for everyone to improve their writing skills if they want to. One of the easiest ways to do this is through something that we all do every single day, and that is through reading. According to some very successful writers, reading is absorbing, and absorbing is a great way to improve on your own writing style and techniques.

We read things subconsciously, without even trying, and the human brain is effectively like a sponge and whenever we read, we can learn something from it. Whether it’s the actual content, the way a word is spelled, the sentence grammar, or the writing technique that’s being used. So why not use something that we do every day to improve our penmanship skills and become better writers. Below are a few tips that will help you improve your skills efficiently and without too much effort.

Make reading an everyday normal task

Reading is normal for most of us to some extent. Often we have to read road signs, emails, even food labels. While all of this will slowly improve your writing skills, if you can untitleddedicate say around 30 minutes per day to read a book, magazine, or paper, you should see a significant difference in your writing after as little as one month. 

Take your book with you

If you decide to take up reading as part of your plan to improve your writing, then by always having your book to hand, you can easily pick it up whenever you find a few spare minutes (i.e. in the doctor’s waiting room, before sleeping, or even while eating dinner).

Be inspired by others

You don’t have to take up the likes of great writers such as Shakespeare or Dickens to improve your own writing. Reading works by any writer that can effectively tell a story and leave you wanting more is helpful.

untitledRead different genres

To really give yourself a head start in the writing department, try reading a few different books from different genres. This will allow you to experience various styles of writing and words, too. Also, as long as the writer is proficient and uses correct grammar, you will also improve on this subconsciously while you are reading.

Check out other writing guides

As well as this brilliant tip guide, there are loads more free resources available on the internet just waiting for you to read and learn from them. Don’t stop; try to improve your writing skills all the time through reading other useful tips in internet. 

Start analyzing books

If you are improving your writing for professional or academic reasons, another useful tip is to start analyzing how other authors use characters or break down the chapters. How others work will give you insight into what you want your own masterpieces to become untitledlike and get helpful hints along the way.

Make the most of the words

Words are so very powerful when used in the correct context. When reading anything, remember to pay attention to the words that are being used and how they are strung together.

Learn to enjoy reading

Don’t make reading a chore, but learn to enjoy it. Everyone will benefit from reading if they just give it a try. If reading can become of your favorite ways to spend your spare time rather than something you endure, your reading and writing will both improve dramatically.

At the end of the day, practice makes perfect and in order to write well, you first need to be able to read well. The more you read now, the easier it will become to write effectively, and it will not take long to see the difference. So, next time you are in the middle of eating dinner, or waiting for a bus, and have a few minutes spare, start reading something. Pick up the nearest book, magazine, or newspaper article to you and just give it a go. You never know, you may even start to enjoy it!


Christine Allen is young writer and blogger. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.



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