Little Victories Vol: 2


Another stressful week has passed. On Wednesday, I had to stay home from work, having developed a migraine from hell. Most Tuesday evening, I attempted to stave it off, but alas, on Wednesday I woke up feeling like something was crushing my skull. Thursday, my head was sore, but I braved work with the horrible lighting and bad computer monitors. I worked Tuesday through Thursday, I worked on a dimmed screen to ease some of the pounding, twitching, and pain that commenced.

I’m not great at taking any time off when I’m feeling burned out or stressed. I work until I make myself sick, which isn’t healthy. I know this, and I’m making attempts to change that. Stress unfortunately comes with the territory of my current position, along with graduate school and other obligations I signed myself up for.

Taking Wednesday off was a huge improvement from my normal actions. I felt how badly my body and mind felt, and forced myself to recognize that it was time to implement self-care. It’s incredibly important if I want to live a long and happy life.

So today, I’m celebrating the little break I gave myself, to allow myself to breath in this busy life of mine.

What are you celebrating today? 


7 thoughts on “Little Victories Vol: 2

  1. Taking that time off is definitely important. Life can get hectic for sure! I’m celebrating my third week living in Spain and a weekend to do literally nothing … it feels great!



  2. As Tamara said, migraines are the worst. It’s great that you took a little time off to recover. It’s hard to slow down when there’s so much to do, but it’s so important to take care of yourself. Hope you’re starting to feel better and can enjoy your weekend!


  3. Yes! This is definitely progress and I’m glad to hear it. Although sad to hear you had a migraine, they are so dreadful. Hoping you’re feeling much better now and that the day off helped. xx


  4. I’m a big believer in small steps adding up to big changes and I think taking a bit of time off is such a great first step towards self-care – definitely worth celebrating. Hope this week is going much better and is migraine-free! 🙂


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