Hey all!

I’ve finally taken steps to update my bloglovin’ account, so for all of us with different blog platforms can follow each other! Find me here: Follow my blog with Bloglovin.




2 thoughts on “Bloglovin’

  1. Awesome! I hopped on bloglovin not so long ago, but I still haven’t utilized it to the fullest. It wouldn’t accept some of my friends blogs, which frustrated me and then all my plans for using them as my primary blog reading source went out the window. *sigh* I’m back to just returning visits to anyone who comments. Maybe I’ll get organized one day. Are you organized with your blog visits?


  2. Hi,
    That’s really nice to hear! We’re new to Bloglovin’ and it’s a really nice website, but a bit confusing to use at first. Like Crystal Collier, some of blogs we want to follow won’t be accepted by Bloglovin’. :(:(:( Guess we’re going to have to figure everything out. How is Bloglovin’ going for you?
    ~ Luna & Saturn, Pendragons!!


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