Why We Like To Read Books

Why do we like to read books? Why not opt to watch them instead, since most of the books have been acted out in movies anyway. Well, reading is something doable and very much likable. Our world has changed so much over the years that reading doesn’t specifically have to include physically holding a book, you can do it anywhere anytime, as long as you have the Internet connection. However, some individuals derive their reading pleasure from the natural feel of a book, including its scent. You have probably noticed one or two people around you constantly reading, and you must be wondering why they like to read so much. These are probably some of the reasons:

  1. To Stay In Shape

Staying in shape is often synonymous with physical fitness. Attaining physical fitness takes a lot of exercising and keen dieting. The impact exercise has on our body is similar to what reading does to our mind. Reading is a straightforward and efficient manner of maintaining mental focus. Our brain, just like any other part of our body, needs some level of maintenance for it to stay alerted and function better. The brain is the central point where all decisions are made, be it financial or career related, etc. It will, therefore, be prudent to boost your mental efficiency and reading is a good way to do so. The way in which the brain functions is unique in the sense that it can be supplied with an unlimited amount of information – its capacity stretches to whatever limits you want it to go. Therefore, exercise your brain – read!

  1. Better Your Communication Skills

Communication is the key to how we relate to people around us. From the moment you why_do_we_like_to_read_books_2meet someone, how you address them speaks volumes. Communication skills are needed in every aspect of our lives, be it family or career. A good way to better your speaking and writing skills is by constantly reading. Reading exposes us to new vocabulary and keeps our grammar and language fluency in check. Having a good grip on your communication skills also makes you sound smart. If you’re into blogging or sending short messages to friends and relatives, your ability to play around with words will be impeccable if you constantly have a good read. Among the top individual skills employers are currently looking for when recruiting, are excellent communication skills. So, we read because we have the goal of becoming excellent at our writing and speaking skills.

  1. Visit New Worlds

I can be seated right next to you but I’m miles and miles away. When we read, we get to visit far away worlds and also get an opportunity to escape our realities. I could be in Maryland but in my mind, I’m in Liverpool. At times, we get so tired of our reality that we turn to books in order to go somewhere else, and despite it not being physical, it’s always worth it. It’s all about your ability to put a mental picture to what you are reading. You can be a princess, a warrior, an alien or even a king. You will get to experience new adventures by looking at the world through the eyes of the characters of your book.

  1. Passion

“I’m passionate about reading”. You have probably heard this phrase like a million times. Well, I doubt that without passion we would be able to accomplish much. Being passionate about an activity is a good way to go. The same applies to being a good reader. Reading becomes more of a hobby than a serious activity. Note that hobbies are activities we are why_do_we_like_to_read_books_1passionate about and can engage in continuously without realizing the passing of time. Taking your time to go through each chapter, every sentence word by word, and every comma or full stop, takes patience, time and a good driving force – passion. Why take days or weeks to read a book that you could have watched in 2 to 3 hours? It’s all about the passion – the desire to experience the book with your own ideas of how each scene might have unfolded. The passion is the ultimate reading motivator.

  1. Entertainment

Every individual is unique with regards to what they consider to be entertainment. Watching movies, listening to music, and engaging in various sporting activities such as tennis, swimming, a good run, etc., are some of the entertaining activities we frequently engage in. Reading is also a good source of entertainment, especially when it has become a culture to you. Yes, reading is a culture which requires self-discipline and commitment.

Reading is a good and enriching way of utilizing your time. It’s bye-bye boredom when you get that perfect book! Ever tried talking with someone deeply engrossed in their read? You would probably go red with anger, since they would not hear a word you say and definitely not respond. You’ll always be forced to repeat what you said. It goes to show just how much captivating and entertaining a good read can be.

We read to get rid of the boredom, get relaxed and entertained!

  1. To Be Knowledgeable

Learning is an endless process. Also, it’s not just limited to school. It’s a continuous process that can be done anywhere, anytime. One of the most effective ways to keep up with your learning process is to read continuously. Being knowledgeable is among the vital tools people need in order to cope with our constantly changing world. We read because we are regularly exposing ourselves to new information that imparts some knowledge to us.

  1. Individual, Spiritual and Professional Growth

People tend to get bored with routine and the best way to avoid it is by constantly initiating change. Reading is an excellent avenue for people to get information that helps them grow personally, spiritually and professionally. Realize, that for you to attain growth in all aspects of your life, exposure to new experiences and information is necessary. A good read is a good source of both. You get to learn through the experiences of the characters in the book you’re reading, and you also get some perspective on various issues. Some people like the idea of being mentally challenged by books they’re reading. In such instances, one can acquire knowledge that they could relate to their everyday living. Imagine a situation where you read about a particular problem and how it was solved. When you experience a similar issue in your life, solving the problem will be as easy as ABC – as a result of prior exposure to it through your reads.

Reading is a good source of spiritual enrichment.

  1. Tool For Success

Throughout your academic life, the constant phrase was “Read, so that you can achieve success.” why_do_we_like_to_read_books_3Yes, reading has been proven to be an essential tool for achieving success in life. Reading on its own will, of course, not have a major impact. It’s rather how we use it to help ourselves. As stated earlier, reading makes you knowledgeable and gives you wisdom. Information is crucial to achieving success. With information, I doubt much can challenge you. We read because we want to be successful. This can potentially help us cross bridges we never thought were passable. With information, we are capable of going above and beyond our dreams and desires.

  1. Show Me What You Read, And I Will Tell You Who You Are!

We love to read. It speaks of who we are. A look at a person’s preferred genre speaks of who they are, to some extent. Reading is habitual, and one requires to master oneself for it to be so.

I am a reader – they are a bibliophile. I fancy sci-fi – they are into science and abstract ideas, or I prefer romantic books – they are lovey-dovey. These are just but some of the preconceptions people get when they see your genre of choice.

We are bookworms – it’s who we are, and we love it!

  1. Freedom

We read because we want to feel alive and because we desire to feel free. We read because we want to see the world from a different perspective. Reading keeps us interested in other aspects of our lives and it’s the perfect opportunity to get what we want on our own terms. How? It’s simple – knowledge is power!

  1. Coping With Difficult Times

In life, we have those experiences that either make or break us, depending on how we decide to cope. It could be the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, an accident, etc. Such moments require us to be strong, and a good way of coping, that some individuals have attested to, is reading. They were probably seeking answers or solutions to the problems they were going through and in no time got caught in the reading habit. Reading provides some consolation. A read can be so captivating that it distracts us from the pain. We read, not to escape from the pain we are experiencing, but to cope with it.

It doesn’t have to be a painful moment that you may need to cope with, but a day to day life experience. Take for example being stuck in traffic – if you’re not driving or have taken a cab, a good read would be the perfect distraction. You get to escape from the hustle and bustle around you that, truthfully speaking, is just a nuisance at times.


So why do we love to read books? The answers to that question are almost unlimited. This is probably due to some personal and environmental factors that are attributed to our reading culture. When we surround ourselves with individuals who are in the habit of regularly reading, we are probably bound to catch on the practice. And it’s definitely a good habit to catch on. Surrounding yourself with books inevitably leads you to reading – we are curious beings.

At times, reading disorders make people readers. In many instances, individuals with reading habits are people who at a young age were dyslexic. They are such an inspiration. The reading habit enabled them to overcome dyslexia.

It’s indisputable that reading plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives, be it professional, personal, or spiritual. It’s almost a pillar of our existence. Our ability to read and garner knowledge sets us apart from the rest of the population. It’s been said that knowledge is power, so we read to stay at the top. Our people skills are also greatly influenced by the level of our communication skills, and we desire to be unique in our interactions. Reading does exactly that. It’s probably the ultimate way to better our writing skills. The education we provide ourselves when we take the time to read is probably the best gift we can give ourselves to not only better our writing, but arm ourselves with the knowledge necessary to take on our ever changing world. We can even build a career out of our writing skills and attain financial independence, especially if pursuing it through freelancing. Reading enables us to have self-discipline which can help us in other aspects of our lives, especially if we are pursuing some study courses or are in school.


my-photoAuthor’s Bio:

Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.


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