I would be lying if I said this blog was built overnight. It has reached into my soul and has tested my boundaries. It is something that I have discovered that I can’t live without.

I’m a creative through and through. I write about my life, my thoughts, and when the time is right, I sit down and develop a short story. Writing has become me. I have tried to run away from it, but it will never let me go, and I have realized that I want to embrace it.

You’re not going to love all of my posts. It’s important to know that these are my thoughts. They aren’t always going to be uplifting and they won’t always speak true to you. But somewhere along our journey, I hope you find something that gives you what you’re looking for.

Contact me by commenting below or emailing me at twobookminimum@gmail.com. For whatever reason you come here, I want to know you. I am always looking for collaborators. Write your truth and I’ll post it for you.

I give my whole self to this blog, and whatever it forms to be over time. I welcome you to travel this journey with me.

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